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<i><b>keith's special talk</b></i>

juicy deets apply within. juicer than juicier_deets, we're the juiciest!

keith's special talk
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this is a community that jamie can't read. because. well. jamie is a poopy head. (and i like her)
this is also the community named juicy_deets, but shall be known as juiciest_deets.
and more kisses, bad movies, baths, beach, bed, big glasses, candles, car, clearing throats, couch, dear boy, dear girl, deer, deets, fecalwana, founder's garden, french toast, fuck mixes, futon, grilled cheese, heart shaped jacuzzi, jamie, kisses, laundry, love boy, love girl, macs, making out, more kisses, night swimming, or not sleeping late, pinto grigio, post fuck mixes, road trips, sandlewood rose, sex, shower, sleeping late, squirmy, stains